J!TrackGallery release notes

More detailed release notes can be found on the Github Release page

0.9.35 contains many bug fixes to support Joomla 4 and 5, improvements to the parsing of GPX files and a number of new configuration options to customise the appearance of the different views

0.9.34 is the first release that is compatible with Joomla 4 (as well as 3.9.10). This release also contains cosmetic/appearance changes as well as fixes to the parsing of gpx files. Italian and Russian translations added.

0.9.33c is the latest pre-release with several minor bugfixes. A new version 0.9.34 will be released when all pending issues are fixed.

0.9.33 (7 Nov 2021) Joomla 4 compatibility plus various technical improvements. The User view shows a summary of the user activity.

0.9.30 (12 Dec 2020) various technical fixes, including a fix in the install script and settings for automatic updates

0.9.29 (5 Dec 2020) photo information is now stored in the database; the main fields are the geotag information and a title field

  • Image titles can be set/added in the update track forms and are shown in the gallery view as well as the popups on the map
  • Geotag information is extracted from the exif in the image file; plan to add possibility to set this in the edit view in the future several tweaks to layout and style of pages

0.9.28 (15 November 2020) is an inofficial release of J!Track Gallery; the main changes with respect to 0.9.27 are:

  • Move to OpenLayers v6. This changes the appearance of maps, and makes future additions easier
  • Switching between maps in the front end (user view) is not supported by the new openlayers, and has been disabled
  • Support for Route information from Garmin Basecamp
  • Google maps support is not present by default; the terms and conditions no longer allow to display Google Maps with the OpenLayers API. There is a workaround for this, but it has not been implemented in Joomla Track Gallery yet.

0.9.27 version of J!Track Gallery have been pushed in March 2017.
Last months commits were mostly related to adding new feature and bug fix.

History of J!TrackGallery

This is a continuation of the J!TrackGallery project that has been developed by Christophe Seguinot who also maintained a home/commmunity page at http://jtrackgallery.net which is no longer available. J!TrackGallery may be considered as a fork of InJooosm This valuable component is no longer maintained (last version is for Joomla 1.5). At the beginning of this project, I was not able to reach previous author so I decided to rename the component from InJooOSM to J!TrackGallery.

It may be noted that InJooosm was a fork of joomgpstracks

  • Many Thanks to Michael Pfister (JoomGPSTracks) and Christian Knorr (InJooOSM) for providing this valuable component to the Open source community.

N.B. For those who always use InJooosm 0.5.7, see manual: http://jtrackgallery.net/wiki/install/migrate-from-injoosm