J!TrackGallery is a Joomla Track Gallery component, which allows to store and display GPS track data and photos.

Our Goal is to provide a non commercial, free, open source, GNU/GPL2 licensed component for Joomla 3.x and 4.x (with some backward compatibility for older Joomla versions).

The main features are:

  • Upload and edit GPS tracks (GPX tracks/routes, KML, TCX format) via frontend or backend (administrator view)
  • Support for different maps: Open Street Map + variants (e.g. opencylcemap), Bing maps, and French IGN
  • Basic features for each track are calculated from the GPS track
  • Add a description, category information etc
  • Add photos to each track; geotagged images are shown on the map
  • Frontend provides functionality for rating and commenting
  • Appearance can be tweaked via css templates (partial support)

Code and downloads

Description of the packages

J!TrackGallery consists of several pieces, a Joomla! component, 2 modules and plugin packages.

The main functionality part or base package is a Joomla! component (com_jtg.zip<). This is the base package, which the modules and plugin rely on. The J!TrackGallery component provides the interface to upload GPS files and to store information, add a description, etc and to display them.

The plugin (plg_jtrackgallery_maps.zip) provides the possibility to show GPS tracks on a map on other pages, for example in Joomla! articles.

Two modules (mod_jtg_stats.zip and mod_jtg_latest.zip) provide functionality to show a list of the most popular and most recent tracks in a fixed location on each page.