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J!TrackGallery is a Joomla Track Gallery component, which allows to store and display GPS track data and photos.

Our Goal is to provide a non commercial, free, open source, GNU/GPL2 licensed component for Joomla 3.x and 4.x (with some backward compatibility for older Joomla versions).

The main features are:

  • Upload and edit GPS tracks (GPX tracks/routes, KML, TCX format) via frontend or backend (administrator view)
  • Support for different maps: Open Street Map + variants (e.g. opencylcemap), Bing maps, and French IGN
  • Basic features for each track are calculated from the GPS track
  • Add a description, category information etc
  • Add photos to each track; geotagged images are shown on the map
  • Frontend provides functionality for rating and commenting
  • Appearance can be tweaked via css templates (partial support)

Code and downloads

History of J!TrackGallery

This is a continuation of the J!TrackGallery project that has been developed by Christophe Seguinot who also maintained a home/commmunity page at which is no longer available. J!TrackGallery may be considered as a fork of InJooosm This valuable component is no longer maintained (last version is for Joomla 1.5). At the beginning of this project, I was not able to reach previous author so I decided to rename the component from InJooOSM to J!TrackGallery.

It may be note that InJooosm was a fork of joomgpstracks

  • Many Thanks to Michael Pfister (JoomGPSTracks) and Christian Knorr (InJooOSM) for providing this valuable component to the Open source community.

N.B. For those who always use InJooosm 0.5.7, see manual: